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Pathways to Spell (coming soon September 2021)

Pathways to Spell is an innovative and engaging programme designed to fascinate pupils about words. It is a research- based series of lessons following a Review, Explain, Practise, Apply and Reflect model. Through this programme, we aim to develop a school of spellers who use a series of strategies in lessons and in their independent writing.

Why are we introducing Pathways to Spell?

  • Designed for whole class teaching of the national curriculum objectives for spelling from year 1 to year 6 with support and challenge for the range of learners in every class
  • Comprehensive and progressive programme with a clear, research-based teaching sequence
  • Combines consolidation of previously taught spelling patterns and rules in conjunction with new teaching
  • Opportunities to review and reflect on learning supports pupils in development of key metacognitive strategies
  • Spoken language underpins all the lessons – talk, exploration, play, hypothesising and experimenting is the foundation of the programme
  • Collaborative learning is encouraged
  • All spelling knowledge and strategies have been considered to ensure pupils learn through a multi-sensory approach
  • Creates a spelling environment to support application beyond spelling lessons
  • Modelling links to Pathways to Write
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“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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